Duct insulation plate

Thermal insulation foam elastomórecia header ” Isoline Duct” , especially for isolation of air conditioning duct .

Isoline [DUCT]


Specific insulation 15 mm wide duct.

Ease of application
Reduced installation costs
Uniformity of isolation
Collateral requirements





Isoline [DUCT]
60 m2 in thickness 6 – 8 – 10 to 12 mm

ISOLINE DUCT born of the new needs of the aerohidráulicos ducts intensive industry specific characteristics , corresponding to types of materials suitable for your requirements in the structure and dimensions 

ECONOMIC: Flexible and maneuverable , comes in sizes up to 1500 mm wide for maximum rationality in duct applications 

PRACTICAL AND FUNCTIONAL: The adhesive surface becomes roughened to improve the adhesion and the sheet resistance in the ducts.

FLEXIBLE: High elasticity helps to reduce vibrations which are close to joints and suspensions .

punto007productos_clip_image007Isoline DUCT
Iron and protected by a silicone adhesive film surface.




punto007productos_clip_image010Isoline DUCT ALUMINIUM
Iron and protected by a silicone adhesive film surface. The outer surface is covered with aluminum foil type PARVAPLEX to provide greater vapor barrier , improved mechanical strength and weathering .



PARVEPLEX by Teknowool – ITALY
Exclusive depositary OUEST ISOL

punto008productos_clip_image008The new and practical packaging ISOLINE DUCT clearly presents the reference to the type and characteristics of the product.
ISOLINE offers comprehensive pallet distribution and supply , on request , the respective PE transparent protective foil to store the product in air.


Maximum operating temperature

from -45 ºC to +  105 ºC

Thermical conductivity
l) DIN 52612 / 13

q -20 ºC = 0,034 W / (m × K)
0 ºC = 0,036 W / (m × K)
+20 ºC = 0,038 W / (m × K)

Thermical conductivity (l)
L.10 DM 412

q +40 ºC = 0,040 W / (m × K)

Corrosion problem

Rule DIN 1988 / 7

Resistance to water vapor diffusion (µ) DIN 52615

µ ≥ 5000

Controlled flame resistance

M1, (E)
M1-NF, (F)
B1 DIN 4102, Z-PA III 2.3372, (D)
Class 1, CSE RF 3/77 – CSE RF
2/75/A, (I)
BS 476 PART 6 1989 Class 0, (UK)

Ozone Resistance


Resistance to fungi and parasites


Resistance to atmospheric agents




Institutes supervised features for quality control .
No drip.

No flame spread

L’Isolante K-FLEX srl reserves the right to vary data and technical requirements without notice .