Menu_Multicapa_inglés Plastic pipe formed by layers of PEX tubing and aluminum, ideal for heating .

Menu_PEX Crosslinked polyethylene plastic pipe , ideal for heating .

Menu_Bajantes_PPR_inglés PPR system soundproof drain.

Menu_PPR   Polypropylene plastic tubes used in sanitary, heating and climatized installations .

  Inox tube .

Menu_Acero_inglés Steel tubes and fittings for conducting fluids.

Menu_Cobre-Sanitario_inglés2 Rigid tube in pipes and coils for domestic water , gas, heating and solar energy.

Menu_Aislamiento_inglésElastomeric foam in black color that provides thermal protection.

Cobre_inglésACR copper tubes in rigid bars and coils

Cobre_inglés3 Insulated copper coils + installation kits for air conditioning systems.

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