Energy saving

Energy saving facts in facilities. 

Isoline [C1n]

Energy saving

Energy saving is very important in all kinds of facilities for a rational use of energy . New Isoline is an insulating material that meets the requirements. The thermal conductivity λ of 0.040 ( W / m ∙ K) at a temperature of 40 ºC by the official laboratory FIW of Münhe is controlled .

clip_image002Isoline elastomeric insulation to solve all installation requirements.
NEW ISOLINE complies with the Rules of InstalacionesTécnicas RITE -IT

Considerations on the thickness of the insulation .On site is very important to realize energy saving , thus placing a good insulation is necessary. New Isoline is the best solution to ensure high performance energy saving , low thermal conductivity λ of 0.040 ( W / m ∙ K ) at 40 ° C and its wide range of thicknesses , make it the right to provide insulation solution to the different needs that arise in the plumbing , hot water and heating.

New Isoline 6-9-13-30-40 mm thicknesses and diameters of 6-170 mm.

Real example of energy saving.

Thicknesses Ǿ 35   Thicknesses Ǿ 76
0 mm 0 mm
9mm 9
13mm 13
19 mm 19
0           50         100       Watt 0           50         100       Watt

These calculations are based on a real case of operation of an installation , with an internal fluid temperature +70 ° C and an ambient temperature of + 5 ° C .


A range of thicknesses for easy installation and satisfies all needs.

 clip_image008Clip_image008 New Isoline the elastomeric insulation has a variety of thicknesses, easy application in all types of heating, hot water and plumbing . The thickness range offered by New Isoline exceeds the needs that may be required in all installations .


In respect of the Rules, The Solution to the Problem of corrosion.


DIN 1988/7 (Technical Standard for facilities drinking water pipes to prevent damage from corrosion and fouling ) . ” Tubazioni in edifici ” edizione 1988 .
” The insulation for pipes installations must be free of nitrites and can contain a maximum percentage of ammonia does not exceed 0.02 %.
Insulating materials for stainless steel tubes shall not exceed a maximum rate of 0.05% water soluble chloride ions ” .
New Isoline is certified as an insulating material respects the rule.