Elastomeric foam thermal insulation brand ” Isoline [ C1n ]” Special for heating , air conditioning and industrial refrigeration .

Presented in 2 meter lenght tubes.


Isoline [C 1 n]

μ ≥ 7000 , certified DIN 1988 ( 7) , Supervised , no CFC  , no gas expansion , MI Supervised

The solution for all type of application both in civil and industrial insulation.

Isoline [C1n]

ISOLINE C1n is suitable for all applications both civil and industrial that require the use of insulation material, without forgetting the price/quality relationship: refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and plumbing, tanks, pipe fittings, and water ducts.
No drips . No flame spread .

L’ Isolante K -FLEX srl reserves the right to vary data and technical requirements without notice.